New Horizons Student Testimonials

At New Horizons Alliance, it is our goal to ensure that every individual receives a first-rate training experience.
There is a reason New Horizons has become the largest independent training company in the world, and that is the success of our training programs. 

Student Testimonials


Derrick Smith

"After retiring from the military, I attended certification training with New Horizons Training center. The staff was very professional and resourceful when it came to understanding the material and job placement. Cynthia Williams was very assertive in assisting me with finding employment. Shortly after attending a mock interview, I was employed only a few days afterwards. Cynthia does an outstanding job of preparing her students for job searching and her "networking" opens up a wide range of opportunities for employment. My only regret was not discovering this resource earlier."


Patrick Hairston

"New Horizons is an excellent IT resource for those looking to sharpen their skills. The teachers were first rate and experienced and the classroom-online delivery was great. I would recommend New Horizons to everyone looking to shore up their IT training and credentials." Thank you New Horizons!


George McPherson

"Enrolling at New Horizons came at a time when I was burned out of my current career. The Post 911 GI Bill was a great blessing to me and sign up was easy. I started with my Net+ which gave me confidence to move forward with my A+. The staff was instrumental in my success, helping me with issues and concerns along the way. I will never forget the passion you guys poured into my success."


Gregory McGill

"My experience with New Horizons has been a very sweet memory and definitely put me in the direction of success. Before I attended New Horizons I could never get to the next level with Information Technology, but after completing the A+ CE training I was offered several jobs from respectable companies such as Microsoft, Carolina's Healthcare System, and Hewlett Packard to name a few. Thank you to Alexis Broome, Ashleigh Tehaan, and Cynthia Williams for answering my questions and pointing me in the right direction."


David Baez

"Success in any career field relies on good foundations. That is exactly what I received from New Horizons. I came to the school knowing very little about networking, and after just a few months with New Horizons, I have locked myself into a career and future. Thanks to New Horizons for giving me the tools I needed."


Jacob McGuire

"I had a very positive experience here at New Horizons. For someone with no formal computer education, I found the staff to be very helpful." Jacob appreciated the support he received from Bill Caswell, the GM. And says, "Jim Brown, is a wealth of knowledge and Cynthia Williams in Career Services helped me to make the transition to an IT Career."


Colin McKnight

"Trying to decide what type of career to have can be challenging, but the key is to ask plenty of questions and research. I decided to leave the construction environment as an electrician and join the IT industry, so after graduating from ECPI University, I realized there are more to it. Companies are not just looking for Degrees but certification as well because having a certification is saying that you have the basic understanding of what you are doing. From what I was told and experience, CompTIA A+ is the basic foundation for the IT environment, it provides you the fundamentals of both hardware and software troubleshooting along with customer service. Then, I took it another step by taking CompTIA Network + which helps with the IT Network structure and finally the famous Operating system most of us use, Windows 7. After obtaining theses certifications, I was no longer being ignored by Companies across the job board. In addition, take some interview classes at New Horizon to help prepare for you next step. I am currently contracted as Helpdesk Analysis at Meridian Technology and I will be starting a full time position with LPL Financial in a week, it feels good being certified by one of the best Certification schools in Charlotte, NC….Mr. James Brown aka "Sunshine" is a cool cat…..the entire staff are very informative and helpful!!"


Michael Menge

"I have a Bachelors Degree in Information Management and Systems, but quickly found that Companies were seeking candidates with certifications. So in my search to get certified, I discovered New Horizons. I was skeptical at first, but I liked the idea of getting multiple certifications in 6 months as opposed to spending 2 years in a technical school. My experience with New Horizons was better than I ever anticipated!"


Steven Goding

"I was in the military for 21 years and pretty much the whole time after I got out I was unemployed and decided to go to New Horizons and try to get my certification and come back to get a job in the Charlotte area. I was on the business side of IT for about 7 years before I got out and when I went there it was a refresher for me. Some of the things have changed over the years and I needed that experience and the knowledge to actually come into the new job market and stay abreast. The staff was very friendly, very helpful. They stay on top of you and try to get you the knowledge and make sure you have the materials, the classes, online and offline. The staff is awesome."

Todd Smith

Paul Anderson

JoAnn Barber

Below are more of the comments received from New Horizons students all over the world.

"Competent instructors, up-to-date material, and an overall astounding quality of the training plus the equipment and facilities make New Horizons a first-rate training environment."
Stetson Barnhouse – Overland Park, KS

 "I will recommend New Horizons to anyone that is serious about getting certification."
Zaheer Isaacs – Cape Town, South Africa

"I believe that between the quality of learning and the great instructors, New Horizons has the best opportunity for me to find a job in the IT field. With their help I now have one."
Mark Johnson – Englewood, CO

"On my personal experience I recommend New Horizons heartfully as THE training institute for technical IT education"
Robert Lensing – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

"The trainers are extremely proficient in their knowledge and understanding of the topics, they bring the classroom structure to real-world situations. From the front desk to the classroom, everyone has made me feel great about the entire experience. I know I will be taking more training with New Horizons in the near future, and I would not even consider another training facility."
Brett Knight – Nashville, TN

"The overall experience was extremely satisfying in the sense that they took someone with no computer knowledge and helped give me the courage to begin my new career."
David Currier - Grand Rapids, MI

"I learnt Cisco with New Horizons Dar es Salaam. They had a lot to offer me in terms of very good instructors and well-equipped classrooms. Today I am a successful ICT professional and I owe this success to New Horizons."
Erick Karugendo - Tanzania, Dar es Salaam

"The instructors are very knowledgeable about everything. Plus, they have real world experience to go with it to back up their teaching."
Mariah DiDomenico - Beaverton, OR