Common Address and Contact Tokens
Label Syntax - enclose in [ ] Displayed Value
Address Line 1 nh:Address1 *ADDRESS1*
Address Line 2 nh:Address2 *ADDRESS2*
City, State Zip nh:CityStateZip New Horizons UPED
Primary City nh:City Alliance
Multiple City List nh:MultiCity New Horizons UPED
State nh:State NA
State Abbreviation nh:StateAbb Upgrading People Every Day
Region nh:Region Region
Country nh:Country USA
Primary Contact Phone nh:Phone 844-974-4687
Clickable Phone Number Link nh:PhoneNumberLink 844-974-4687
Fax nh:Fax
Primary Contact Email nh:Email
Email 2 nh:Email2
Clickable Email Link nh:EmailOnlyLink
Order Processing Email nh:OrderEmail
Email Full Clickable Link nh:EmailFullLink Contact New Horizons Courses at
 Alternate Location, Phone, and Email Addresses
Full Addresses
Label Syntax - enclose in [ ] Displayed Value
Location 1 Full nh:Location1Full

New Horizons Birmingham
601 Beacon Pkwy. West
Suite 106
Birmingham, AL 35209

Email New Horizons Birmingham

Location 2 Full nh:Location2Full

New Horizons Charlotte
9140 Arrowpoint Blvd.
Suite 140
Charlotte, NC 28273

 Email New Horizons Charlotte

Location 3 Full nh:Location3Full

New Horizons Chattanooga
1208 Pointe Centre Drive
Suite 220
Chattanooga, TN 37421

 Email New Horizons Chattanooga

Location 4 Full nh:Location4Full

New Horizons South Carolina
1370 Browning Rd., Suite 100
Columbia, SC 29210

 Email New Horizons South Carolina

Location 5 Full nh:Location5Full

New Horizons Gainesville
7525 NW 4th Blvd
Gainesville, FL 32607

 Email New Horizons Gainesville

Location 6 Full nh:Location6Full

New Horizons Greensboro
7017A Albert Pick Road
Greensboro, NC 27409

 Email New Horizons Greensboro

Location 7 Full nh:Location7Full

New Horizons Harrisburg
5001 Louise Drive, Suite 1000
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

 Email New Horizons Harrisburg

Location 8 Full nh:Location8Full

New Horizons Pensacola
850 S. Palafox St., Suite 103
Pensacola, FL 32502

 Email New Horizons Pensacola

Location 9 Full nh:Location9Full

TCC Center for Innovation
305 South Duval St., Suite 141
Tallahassee, FL 32301

 Email New Horizons Pensacola

Contact Us Block nh:ContactUsBlock
Alternate Cities
Label Syntax - enclose in [ ] Displayed Value
Location 1 City nh:Location1City New Horizons Courses
Location 2 City nh:Location2City Birmingham
Location 3 City nh:Location3City Charlotte
Location 4 City nh:Location4City Chattanooga
Location 5 City nh:Location5City Columbia
Location 6 City nh:Location6City Gainesville
Location 7 City nh:Location7City Greensboro
Location 8 City nh:Location8City Harrisburg
Location 9 City nh:Location9City Pensacola
Alternate Phone Numbers
Label Syntax - enclose in [ ] Displayed Value
Location 1 Phone nh:Location1Phone 844-974-4687
Location 2 Phone nh:Location2Phone
Location 3 Phone nh:Location3Phone
Location 4 Phone nh:Location4Phone
Location 5 Phone nh:Location5Phone
Location 6 Phone nh:Location6Phone
Location 7 Phone nh:Location7Phone
Location 8 Phone nh:Location8Phone
Location 9 Phone nh:Location9Phone
Tracking Phone Numbers
Label Syntax - enclose in [ ] Displayed Value
Tracking Phone 1 nh:TrackingPhone1
Tracking Phone 2 nh:TrackingPhone2
Tracking Phone 3 nh:TrackingPhone3
Tracking Phone 4 nh:TrackingPhone4
Tracking Phone 5 nh:TrackingPhone5
Alternate Email Addresses
Label Syntax - enclose in [ ] Displayed Value
Location 1 Email nh:Location1Email
Location 2 Email nh:Location2Email
Location 3 Email nh:Location3Email
Location 4 Email nh:Location4Email
Location 5 Email nh:Location5Email
Location 6 Email nh:Location6Email
Location 7 Email nh:Location7Email
Location 8 Email nh:Location8Email
Location 9 Email nh:Location9Email
Alternate City Names
SEO Alternate City 1 nh:AltCity1 Birmingham
SEO Alternate City 2 nh:AltCity2 Charlotte
SEO Alternate City 3 nh:AltCity3 Chattanooga
SEO Alternate City 4 nh:AltCity4 Columbia
SEO Alternate City 5 nh:AltCity5 Gainesville
SEO Alternate City 6 nh:AltCity6 Greensboro
SEO Alternate City 7 nh:AltCity7 Harrisburg
SEO Alternate City 8 nh:AltCity8 Pensacola
Site ID Numbers
Label Syntax - enclose in [ ] Displayed Value
Portal ID (Do Not Change) nh:PortalID 208
Parent Portal ID (Do Not Change) nh:ParentPortalID 0
Primary Site ID nh:PrimarySiteID 830
Site ID 2 nh:SiteID2
Site ID 3 nh:SiteID3
Site ID 4 nh:SiteID4
Site ID 5 nh:SiteID5
Site ID 6 nh:SiteID6
Site ID 7 nh:SiteID7
Site ID 8 nh:SiteID8
Site ID 9 nh:SiteID9
Site ID 10 nh:SiteID10 Cart
Additional Location Tokens
Label Syntax - enclose in [ ] Displayed Value
Header City Name and Link nh:CityHeader


Header Phone Number nh:PhoneHeader 844-974-4687
Additional Website Tokens
Root Domain nh:RootDomain
Portal ID (Do Not Change) nh:PortalID 208
Parent Portal ID (Do Not Change) nh:ParentPortalID 0
Primary Site ID nh:PrimarySiteID 830
Site ID 2 nh:SiteID2
Site ID 3 nh:SiteID3
Site ID 4 nh:SiteID4
Site ID 5 nh:SiteID5
Site ID 6 nh:SiteID6
Site ID 7 nh:SiteID7
Site ID 8 nh:SiteID8
Site ID 9 nh:SiteID9
Site ID 10 nh:SiteID10 Cart
Wufoo Form Tokens
Wufoo URL nh:WufooURL
Wufoo Hash nh:WufooHash
Wufoo Field nh:WufooField
 Page Content Tokens
Content Tokens
Label Token Name Current Value
Location Page URL nh:LocationPageURL /about-us/locations
PDF Outline URL nh:PDFOutlineURL /training-and-certifications/course-outline/create-pdf
Request Course Info URL nh:CourseInfoForm /training-and-certifications/course-outline/request-course-information
Course Search URL nh:CourseSearchURL /search
Outline URL nh:OutlineURL /training-and-certifications/course-outline
Course Link nh:ProductPageCourseLink(CourseID=15 Business Writing
Certification Link nh:CertificationLink(CertificationID=332945,LinkLocal=0) MCSA: Windows Server 2012
Exam Link nh:ExamLink(ExamID=101,LinkLocal=1) Coaching For Results
Certification and Exam Search Page URL nh:CertificationSearchURL /training-and-certifications/certification-search
Outline Footer Text nh:OutlineFooterText Actual course outline may vary depending on offering center. Contact your sales representative for more information.
Content Icon Tokens
Icon CLC Eligible nh:iconCLCEligible CLC
Icon SATV Eligible nh:iconSATVEligible SATV
Icon OLL nh:iconOLL OLL
Icon ML nh:iconML ML
Icon OLA nh:iconOLA OLA
Icon ILT nh:iconILT ILT
Icon Remote ML nh:iconRemoteML RML
Icon G2R nh:iconG2R G2R
Custom Tokens
Custom Token 1 nh:custom1
Custom Token 2 nh:custom2
Custom Token 3 nh:custom3
Custom Token 4 nh:custom4
Custom Token 5 nh:custom5
Custom Token 6 nh:custom6
Custom Token 7 nh:custom7
Custom Token 8 nh:custom8
Custom Token 9 nh:custom9
Custom Token 10 nh:custom10 Site search
 Social Media Tokens
Label Syntax - enclose in [ ] Displayed Value
Social Share nh:SocialShare
Facebook URL nh:FacebookURL
LinkedIn URL nh:LinkedinURL
Twitter URL nh:TwitterURL
Google Plus URL nh:GooglePlusURL
YouTube URL nh:YouTubeURL
Instagram URL nh:InstagramURL
Pinterest URL nh:PinterestURL
Social Media Links
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must embed in ul tags

 Website Data Tokens

Other Built-In Tokens

DNN and the Token system also come with many useful tokens. Note that some of these values will not render unless you are a logged on user with permissions to view the data.

Note the value before the colon is different.

Comment Syntax - enclose in [ ] Displayed Value
Display the current date and time DateTime:Now 7/28/2017 1:41 AM
Get the current root domain (no http) Url:Domain
Get the current root domain (full) Url:DomainRoot
Get the current relative URL Url:Relative /tools/page-content-tools/token-tester
User's display name User:DisplayName
User's Email User:Email
User's first name User:FirstName
User's last name User:LastName
Current User's DNN portal ID User:PortalId
Current User ID User:UserId
Current User Name User:Username
Current User's full name User:FullName
List of roles of current user User:Roles
Page meta description Tab:Description Internal Use
Page end date Tab:EndDate
Full URL of current page Tab:FullUrl
Page meta keywords Tab:KeyWords Internal Use
Description Tab:PageHeadText
Page start date Tab:StartDate
Unique page ID Tab:TabId 35531
Page Name Tab:TabName Token Tester
Page path Tab:TabPath //Tools//PageContentTools//TokenTester
Module end date Module:EndDate
Module footer Module:Footer
Module DNN friendly name Module:FriendlyName HTML Pro
Module header Module:Header
Help link for current module Module:HelpUrl Your Site/Installed Modules/HTML Pro/About the HTML Pro Module.htm
Module title Module:ModuleTitle Website Data Tokens
Containing pane for the current module Module:PaneName ContentPane
Module start date Module:StartDate
Website currency Portal:Currency USD
Website description Portal:Description New Horizons is an IT training school. New Horizons has centers located in Gainesville, FL; Pensacola, Florida; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Chattanooga, Tennessee, Greensboro, North Carolina; Charlotte, NC; Columbia, South Carolina; and Birmingham, Alabama.
Website email Portal:Email
Website footer Portal:FooterText Copyright 2017 by New Horizons Worldwide, Inc.
Website directory Portal:HomeDirectory /Portals/208/
Website logo Portal:LogoFile nh-logo.jpg
Website name Portal:PortalName New Horizons Solutions Hub
Website URL Portal:Url
Website language Portal:CurrentLanguage en-US
display a random value from a list Random:Val1,Val2,…,ValN Val2

Website Tokens