Career Services

New Horizons Career Services is designed to ensure students are fully equipped to enter the competitive workforce following program completion and first certification. The investment we make is a commitment to provide dedicated career placement assistance through making candidates as marketable and employable as possible. Through virtual workshops and one-on-one meetings, our Career Services team fully supports you throughout your transition from student to IT professional.

Career Services Student Process

  • Introduction to Career Services during the Admissions Process through an Admissions Interview to assess student history and background (skills assessment)
  • Ongoing nurturing webinars on topics ranging from Resume Development, to Creating your LinkedIn
  • One-on-one with a representative on Resume Development with ongoing edits to ensure a capturing final product
  • Mock Interviews with feedback to the student on how to improve and nail the interview
  • Contacting hiring managers on the student's behalf and "selling" the opportunity to interview the student
  • Constant referral to open positions in the student's area as well as a regular e-mail to the student on the application process to those positions
  • Following up with hiring managers on the behalf of the student for direct update on the progress through the hiring process
  • Exit interviews or testimonials once the student is employed to use as alumni advise
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